Lehrkraft: OStRin Gabriele Hofmeister-Ferko                                             Leitfach: Englisch

Rahmenthema: Ireland – The country of saints, writers and intellectuals

Zielsetzung des Seminars

This „W-Seminar“ aims at portraying Ireland in all its various aspects such as history, economy, Irish (folk) music, films with Irish themes, food, literature, language, Irish art, symbols, religion, Irish sports and Irish emigration.

All those different facets enable the students to dig deeply into the civilization and culture of this wonderful country and to gain profound understanding of what it means to be Irish.

The language will be English.


mögliche Themen für die Seminararbeiten:

  1. The Anglo-Irish conflict.
  2. Irish symbols and landmarks.
  3. The Gaelic language.
  4. Economy: From „Celtic Tiger“ to bankruptcy.
  5. Gaelic football.
  6. Irish emigration – The Irish diaspora in the world.
  7. Travel writing (e.g. Heinrich Böll)
  8. Guinness – not only a brewery.
  9. James Joyce: an outstanding Irish writer.
  10. St. Patrick – the Irish national saint


  This list is not fixed. It can be altered according to the students’ interests.