Lehrkraft: OStRin Gabriele Hofmeister-Ferko                                             Leitfach: Englisch

Rahmenthema: Ireland – The country of saints, writers and intellectuals

Zielsetzung des Seminars

This „W-Seminar“ aims at portraying Ireland in all its various aspects such as history, economy, Irish (folk) music, films with Irish themes, food, literature, language, Irish art, symbols, religion, Irish sports and Irish emigration.

All those different facets enable the students to dig deeply into the civilization and culture of this wonderful country and to gain profound understanding of what it means to be Irish.

The language will be English.

G. Hofmeister-Ferko


Term papers:

  1. Celtic Tiger - Ireland's economic boom
  2. The IRA - Freedom fighters or terrorists
  3. The Irish Mob depicted in the movie 'State of Grace'
  4. The Druids in Irish Mythology - Truth or fiction?
  5. Riverdance - The battle between Irish Dance and American Tap Dance
  6. William Butler Yeats: Between poetry and politics
  7. The Irish in America - From prejudice to prestige
  8. Irish Arts - Murals in Northern Ireland with special focus on the mural 'Prepared for Peace, Ready for War'
  9. The Easter Rising 1916 - Irish history presented in Wolfe Tone's song 'The Foggy Dew'
  10. Ireland's role in early aviation history